Accès à vos comptes


The "Épargne Haute Définition" interview
In the course of a “Epargne Haute Définition” advice interview, you will define, with your Relationship Manager, the savings solutions which suit you, according to:
  • your situation
  • your investor profile
  • your projects
  • your saving capacity
  • your exposure to risk under the project
Setting up precautionary savings
Do you want to set some money aside while still having access to it if needed ? Do you want to set up a cash reserve which you can dip into for the purposes of a project (holidays, purchase, etc.) or to face up to the unexpected? Savings accounts offer you maximum flexibility and allow you to save according to your ability and at your own pace.
Saving towards my project
Beyond precautionary savings, you may have longer-term projects: preparing for your retirement, having access to additional income, transferring your assets, etc. Many different solutions exist to help you do so: we will support you on a daily basis to ensure you make the right decisions.
According to your situation and objectives, your Relationship Manager will offer you the most suitable package: Plan Épargne Retraite Populaire (PERP, retirement savings scheme), rental investment, Plan d’Épargne en Actions (PEA, share-linked savings scheme) or life insurance.

Saving to prepare for my property project
Housing Savings (Epargne Logement) represent, simultaneously, a solution for both saving and property finance, assisted by the government. It enables you to gradually set up a personal contribution and guarantees you, at the time of purchase, borrowing conditions determined in advance: Plan Épargne Logement (PEL, Housing Savings Plan) and Compte Épargne Logement (CEL, Housing Savings Account) are the perfect duo for saving and preparing for your property project.
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